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There are many roads to LiveJournal—how did you first hear about LJ?
Claudia Gray. I love her books and she has it one her website. So i got one to comment on one of her entries.
Describe your morning routine.

I get up, then I go get breakfast, brush my teeth, put some cloths on, put my make up on, straiten my hair, then I go to school.

...I have a really fun life.
Putting legal definitions aside, at what age do you think someone can really be considered an adult?

I think that it is based on the person themselves. I know some 18 year old that is very adult like, but on the other hand i know some 25 year old that shouldn't be able to drive.
If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound riches?

Pay for college, baby!
Everyone knows having a crush at the office or in class can make the time pass a little bit quicker. Is it better to keep your crush a secret or tell them how you feel?

Tell them because you don't want to waste your time. If you want to keep a secret then keep your relationship a secret from everyone else. :P That should make thing interesting.
Oscar Wilde, a dandy’s dandy, once said that “we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” What unnecessary possession can you not live without?

Cell Phone! I could never live without my cell phone.
Some people find Eeyore’s gloomy outlook charming. Others prefer the bouncy enthusiasm of Tigger. Who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with: Eeyore or Tigger?

both would be annoying after a while. I guess I would like Tigger a little better because he would think of things to do for the time we where in there.
When it comes to bebop, you want to take it straight, no chaser. And a smoky jazz club is the best place to get it. What’s your favorite kind of place to see live music?

I love watching people play in a park or outside somewhere. I love sitting in the grass watching everyone.
I don't like any of the 'reader's block'. they aren't any good lately. I wish they would make ones that are more interesting.
Where do you spend most of your time on the web?
Fanfiction :P